Urban retail center

47,000 sq.ft. (4,370 m²)

"…connects the new neighborhood to the surrounding town…"

—The Regional City, book

"Creates a sense of place…a balance between the automobile and the pedestrian"

—Prosper Magazine

"Transit villages...developments deliberately designed at densities higher than conventional automobile-oriented suburbs, that have shopping and other essential daily services within easy walking distance…."

—Harvard Design Magazine, USA

The project is a contextual piece of urban infill on a brownfield site that provides a new public park in the center of the city. The buildings circle the park thus screening the large parking requirement behind. The curved form allows the maximum utilization of the site by increasing the effective street frontage for retail space.

Terraces circle the park with seating for cafes and restaurants, providing a pleasant way to enjoy the green and shady lawns, which will also be used for outdoor performances and events.

The project provides a comfortable setting for urban life and makes a substantial contribution to the public space and character of the city of Davis.


  • American Institute of Architects Award – AIA award for design excellence
  • Prosper Magazine – Edifice Best: Top Commercial Building


  • Harvard Design Magazine, USA
  • The Regional City, book, USA
  • Prosper Magazine, USA
  • Sacramento Bee, USA
City of Davis, California