Mixed use, retail and residential loft, transit hub redevelopment

40,000 sq.ft. (3,700 m²)

"…a stunning mixed use project…architecture as art."

— Sacramento Bee, Newspaper

"…a pioneer in mixed use development outside the city's urban core…an innovative design solution…a groundbreaking project."

—The Sacramento Business Journal

"Daring above and beyond…I dare anyone to find an Office Depot that looks as cool!"

— Prosper Magazine, USA

"…a recognizable landmark, the design is dynamic and eye-catching!"

— CMU Profiles in Architecture, USA

"It is the beginning of a new neighborhood…this is a new approach to dense urban mixed use development."

— Architecture Highlights, China

The center creates a recognizable urban environment, with a level of detail and complexity that provides a pedestrian scale for the area. It is the beginning of a new neighborhood.

The modern dynamic forms of the buildings reflect their role as an urban transit hub and also something of their ancestry in the industrial area. The designs are intended to be dynamic and eye-catching, to create a recognizable landmark quality that will anchor the new area. They are intended to have an “edgy” urban quality that reflects some of the character of the industrial warehouse conversion that is going on in other cities, such as Portland and New York. The tall pylon sign/sculpture is an important tool that identifies the project from nearby highways.



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Sacramento, California