Urban infill retail center

105,000 sq.ft. (9,750 m²)

"…a landmark that fosters a sense of community."

—Architectural Record

"…is like a small town center...where residents meet and build a sense of community."

—ABC National Television News

"…noted for its distinctive architecture, was called one of the best-designed retail venues by the International Council of Shopping Centers"

—Sacramento Bee, newspaper, USA

This project provides an exciting solution to the challenge of creating an entire area of urban infill. The result is a new departure from the typical layout of specialty retail centers. The site planning and character of this design create a strong sense of "place" similar to that of traditional town centers, providing outdoor public space and creating a focus for the civic life of the community.


  • ICSC Award, International Council of Shopping Centers, USA
  • Pacific Coast Builders Award, USA


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Roseville, California