New building for the international retailer

22,000 sq.ft. (2,040 m²)

"…gives Virgin Records a distinct presence and an identifiable image… [it] has become an icon."

— Architectural Design

"[Mark Dziewulski] is an architect making his own distinct impression… he has won over the critics and has helped shape the Sacramento Area."

—— Channel 3 Television News

"…an iconic building that draws attention to its presence acts as a sign itself, since it is both dynamic and powerful."

— Archi Volta Magazine

This is the first purpose built structure for the international music retailer, Virgin Records. The tenant needed a strongly identifiable architectural image to project their market identity and to make them a clearly recognizable landmark.

The strength and uniqueness of the design create a strong association between the building and tenant, providing a prominence far in excess of Virgin's original brand name recognition in this market. In short, the building has become an icon for Virgin.


  • Royal Institute of British Architects, RIBA San Francisco, USA


  • American Institute of Architects Award – AIA award for design excellence
  • Pacific Coast Builders Award

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Sacramento, California