Mixed-use: office tower, hotel, retail and entertainment complex.

1.5 million sq.ft. (140,000 m2).

There are two options for a mixed-use scheme along the Capital Mall in Sacramento. The site is an entire city block and is the last major parcel left to be redeveloped.  It sits very close to the State Capital building and along the main central axis of the city. The designs were carried out with Gensler in San Francisco.

The developer's goal is to provide the most prestigious office space in the city.  It will be the tallest building in the region and will become a landmark address.

The program is a carefully integrated multi-use scheme combining office space, a hotel, retail and entertainment uses with connections at street and bridge levels with the commercial center to the North.

The building design is intended to live up to its role as the most prestigious address in the region.  Because of its unsurpassed height, the views of the surrounding urban context and to the mountains beyond will be spectacular.

Sacramento, California