House on a cliff overlooking Lake Tahoe

8,500 sq.ft. ( 790 m²)

"Knitted to the land, the house spreads up and out, as if reaching for the sky while reveling in the lakeside location"

—Trends Magazine, USA and Asia

"The house provides a tranquil environment to enjoy the lake and experience the magnificent display of nature"

—Housing Architecture, Hong Kong

The dramatically steep site, 150 ft. above the edge of Lake Tahoe, overlooks sweeping panoramic views of the entire lake and mountains beyond. Five cantilevered levels, following the slope, express the different uses and their varying forms reflect the optimum orientation and requirements of the individual spaces within.

Seen from the road above, the house is a series of overlapping curved roofs that are fanned out towards the lake, creating a man-made rolling landscape that underlines the view of the lake and mountains beyond.

The house is largely concealed from the road and its fragmented form, cut deep into the steep slope, reflects the geometry of the rocky hillside, allowing it to blend in with its context. The main spaces overlook the lake through an expanse of glass, which is shaded with large overhangs and is angled forwards to reduce reflections. A vertical stair tower provides a strong anchoring element for the whole composition and acts as a hinge point, organizing the main spaces.



  • Venice International Architecture Biennale, Italy
  • Royal Institute of British Architects, RIBA San Francisco, USA
  • Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Eleven Fine Art, London, UK


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Lake Tahoe, Nevada