Mark Dziewulski AIA, ARB


Mark Dziewulski AIA, ARB

"Good design simply reflects that joy that a society takes in its built environment".

Mark Dziewulski was born in London and works internationally. He is licensed in both the United States and Europe, and is a member of the American Institute of Architects, from which he has received several awards. He has completed projects in the USA, Europe and Asia, which have received numerous design awards and been widely published. The Republic of Poland recently presented him with a medal, the Gold Cross Order of Merit, which was endorsed by Buckingham Palace. Mark Dziewulski was also recently honored by an invitation to exhibit at the Venice International ArchitectureBiennale, which received more than a quarter of a million visitors.

After graduating from Cambridge University with a First Class Honours degree in Architecture, Mark Dziewulski was awarded two consecutive Fulbright Scholarships for postgraduate study at Princeton University, where he received his Master of Architecture degree. The following year he received a Master of Arts degree from Cambridge.

"...his recent buildings reveal an increasingly mature hand in contemporary design and craftsmanship, as well as a rich array of sources for the work. Dziewulski has demonstrated great skill at both form-making and an ability to respond to site and context. The forms of his buildings are strongly driven by their relationship to their context and environment. They provide a close expression of their function, not only in terms of their use and spatial organization but also their roll to provide a public face and representation of their inner "spiritual life" and meaning, within their cultural and physical context. His working method shows a rigorous and deliberately investigative process, in which each design is studied through an exhaustive series of sketches and models, which are gradually narrowed down and refined, becoming more and more precise, until the "essence" of the design is finally distilled and captured."

— Archi Volta Magazine